Business Area

We offer total support from provision to maintenance service
of various boilers and other general facilities and equipment.。

Manufacture and sales

We provide high-quality hardware and software in the thermal energy sector.

  • Various boilers and other facilities and equipment
  • Various energy-saving equipment
  • Boiler compounds and various water treatment agents

Manufacture and sales


We offer engineering service from proposal and plans of systems optimized
to customers’ needs to test operation and verification of the systems.

  • Energy-saving and automatic control facilities
  • Electricity and instrumentation facilities
  • Design, installation, and supervision in construction work of high temperature and high humidity plants and other facilities



We provide wide ranging service to meet customers’ needs

  • The services include test operation of various boilers, facilities and equipment, maintenance service (dispatching a supervisor), and sales of components.Please note that, in Thailand, the maintenance service is provided by NIPPON THERMOENER (THAILAND) CO., LTD.