Message from Company President

Nippon Thermoener was established in 1961 as a manufacturer and sales company of various boilers and heaters in the Takuma Group. Since then, based on our corporate philosophy of “Boilers for Society”, we aim to “contribute to society through our corporate activities in the private thermal energy sector”.
As a manufacturer specialized in heat source devices and equipment, we offer not only general products such as once-through boilers and water heaters but also more specialized products including flue and smoke tube boilers, water-tube boilers, and heat medium heaters, satisfying various requests from customers in Japan and overseas with a wide variety of products and services.
Further, we have worked on developing products with higher efficiency and achieving less resource and energy consumptions, utilizing our techniques and vast pool of know-how developed over years, to meet the needs of the times and respond to the changing environment. We contribute to creating a cleaner global environment by, for example, bringing high-efficiency once-through boilers, latent heat recovery water heaters, etc. into the market and providing hybrid systems containing a boiler/heater in combination with a heat pump.
We are committed to continuously working closely with and gaining deeper understanding of our customers to create new values and to offering high-quality and high-value added products and services. We will also strive to achieve continued growth at any time so as to make the company valuable to all of our stakeholders.

Masahiko Izumi April, 2018
President and Representative Director
Masahiko Izumi

Izumi Masahiko