Vacuum Type Water Heaters

Vacotin Heaters

Vacuum Type Water Heaters Vacotin Heaters

EOL Series

[Gas-fired]【Boiler body output】116~174kW
Used fuel:LNG・LPG

These products are not subject to the “Ordinance on Safety of Boilers and Pressure Vessels” of the Industrial Safety and Health Act, Japan.

EOL Series


Equipped with the industry’s first pre-mixed surface combustion burner With low NOx emissions of 60ppm or lower (converted at O2=0%),this series realized environmentally friendly and low pollution combustion.

High efficiency
A heat efficiency of 90% has been achieved at the rated output.

Standard outdoor use specifications
The upper casing is inclined and made of one plate. This prevents rain water from seeping in the equipment.

Support for existing equipment
With a uniform width, applying to existing equipment is enabled, and two or more units can also be replaced by using a “dedicated adapter”.

Multi unit control
Operation management from small to large capacity is enabled by the optional multi unit control box in accordance with your needs for usage.

The boiler body gauge makes it easy to visually check the degree of vacuum. The burner is placed on the entire surface and can easily be adjusted.

Low noise
Noise reduction measures inside the smoke compartment at the rear part have realized low noise operation.

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