Steam Boilers

EQOS Series

Steam Boilers

EQOS Steam Boilers
EQS Series

  • EQS-401 NS/LS/NM/LM
  • EQS-501 NS/LS/NM/LM
  • EQS-751 NS/LS/NM/LM
  • EQS-1002 NM/LM/NS/LS
  • EQS-1502 NM/LM/NS/LS
  • EQSH-501 NM/LM
  • EQSH-751 NM/LM
  • EQSH-1002 NM/LM
  • EQSH-1502 NM/LM
  • EQSH-2002 NM/LM
  • EQS-401 KS/KM
  • EQS-501 KS/KM
  • EQS-751 KS/KM
  • EQS-751 KS/KM(Ⅱ)
  • EQS-1002 KS/KM
  • EQS-1502 KS/KM
  • EQSH-501 KM
  • EQSH-751 KM
  • EQSH-1002 KM
  • EQSH-1502 KM
  • EQSH-2002 KM

※The EQSH models are equipped
with an economizer.

【Conversion evaporation】400~2,000Kg/h
Used fuel:LNG・LPG・Diesel・Kerosine


Standard type
Equipped with a BL controller, basic control can be performed through easy operations.
High quality steam is stably supplied, while high performance and efficiency are achieved.

High-grade type
The S-Navi system controls and manages the boiler.
Steam can be efficiently generated and appropriately controlled.
The high-grade type with the S-Navi system realized a control system that can perform not only boiler control but also its management.

・A high performance control system (with S-Navi) and high efficiency are realized.

・A boiler body having an efficiency of 90% by itself is used.

・A Hybrid structure with excellent durability and heating efficiency has been developed.

Uses a hybrid heat exchange boiler body Hi

・This boiler body has achieved an efficiency of 90% by itself.
We have thoroughly analyzed the convection and heat transfer part of the boiler body.
A high efficiency boiler body, named “hybrid heat exchange boiler body Hi”, was finally developed by properly combining three types of fins and a slit swirl.
In this boiler body, high-speed combustion gas generates an intense swirl among water pipes. This enables effective heating and realizes a self-cleaning function to prevent soot from adhering and accumulating.
This high efficiency boiler body has highly improved heating efficiency, while realizing excellent durability and stability.

・Models equipped with a high efficiency economizer has realized an efficiency of 96%.


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