Vacuum Type Water Heaters

Super Vacotin Heaters

Vacuum Type Water Heaters

GTL Series

  • GTL-300~800
    [Gas-fired]【Boiler body output】349~930kW

※The GTLH model is equipped with an economizer.
[Gas-fired]【Boiler body output】581kW

These products are not subject to the “Ordinance on Safety of Boilers and Pressure Vessels” of the Industrial Safety and Health Act, Japan.

GTL(H) Series


The GTLH model realizes thermal efficiency of 105% through the recovery of latent heat
(the thermal efficiency of the GTL models is 95%)

The latent heat recovery device is design to let an exhaust gas flow inside the device appropriately so that the gas can efficiently be removed into the drain water, realizing a high thermal efficiency.

Exceptionally high efficiency through the proportional control combustion system
The burner does not need to be stopped until the load reaches 20% of the rated load, which suppresses reduction of the efficiency due to repetition of start and stop.

Space saving design, and piecemeal delivery is possible
The main unit and latent heat recovery device of the vacuum type gas-fired water heater can separately be delivered, which enables easy installation even in a place with a narrow carry-in path.

GTL indoor typet,GTLH outdoor type

GTL indoor typet

GTLH outdoor type

GTLH model Principle figure

GTLH model  Principle figure

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