Vacuum Type Water Heaters

Vacotin Heaters

Vacuum Type Water Heaters Vacotin Heaters

K/GSL Series


  • 【Boiler body output】1,163~2,326kW
    Used fuel:LNG・LPG・Diesel・Kerosine

These products are not subject to the “Ordinance on Safety of Boilers and Pressure Vessels” of the Industrial Safety and Health Act, Japan.

K/GSL Series


Realizes high efficiency and energy savings
The efficiency has been largely improved and reached 88% at the rated output. Scale will not be formed inside the heater,
and the efficiency will not be lowered due to aging. This leads to saving of the fuel cost.

Comfortable operation with the microcomputer control
The microcomputer controls function checks, operation corresponding to load, management, anti-freezing operation, etc.

Low NOx specifications
This series has achieved low NOx emissions of 60ppm or lower (converted at O2=0%, gas-fired).
The combustion technology of Nippon Thermoener has created environmentally friendly water heaters.

Long life design with no corrosion or failures
The inside of the heater is shielded from the air outside, resulting in no corrosion.
The boiler body temperature is kept uniform and risk of damage caused by a thermal stress is eliminated.
SUS444 stainless steel is used for the flange type heat exchanger, and sulfuric acid resistant steel is used for water tubes and parts that contact combustion gas at a low temperature. These realized improvement of the corrosion resistance.

Safe design both in principle and functionally
The inside of the vacuum heater is designed not to expand, explode, or get damaged in principle.
The boiler always contains a certain amount of heat-carrying water, eliminating risk of heating without water.

Keeping safety with the prediction function
If the exhaust gas temperature becomes higher than usual, the LCD display panel of the microcomputer flashes to inform users.
The history of the prediction function is maintained, enabling immediate responses based on accurate decision.
In addition, measures against power failure are immediately taken to ensure safe operation of the heater.

Multi-circuit supply unique to the Vacotin Heaters
In addition to hot water supply and heating, simultaneous supply by three or four circuits can also be realized in accordance with your purposes.

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