Steam Boilers

Flue and Smoke Tube Boilers

Flue and Smoke Tube Boilers

RE Boiler FII

Used fuel:Diesel・Kerosine・LNG・LPG

【Conversion evaporation】

Maximum working pressure:0.98、1.57MPa

Flue and Smoke Tube Boilers RE Series


Energy saving
Our original proportional control burner has realized ideal low excess air combustion.
A high boiler efficiency of 88 to 92% is achieved.

Environment measures to protect the atmosphere
A flue that has a sufficient size and an original combustion mechanism contribute to reducing NOx generation.
In addition, using a low-NOx burner and an exhaust gas circulation equipment enables further reduction of NOx emissions.

Thorough safety devices
With various and sufficient safety devices to detect a fire and abnormal pressure, this series enables a fully automatic operation from the startup to the end.

Excellent load tracking ability
This series has a large holding water quantity and water surface area and uses the proportional combustion control system in all models, which realizes a high level of load tracking ability against load fluctuation and keeps the pressure and water level in the boiler stable.

Simple maintenance management
The flue that passes through the drum enables workers to enter into the furnace easily. In addition, holes for cleaning and inspection, and a large observation window for monitoring to prevent fires are appropriately arranged, making maintenance management of the inside and outside of the furnace easier.