Heat Medium Oil Boilers

Heat Medium Oil Boilers

Heat Medium Oil Boilers


  • NH-10〜150A
  • NH-200〜300C

Used fuel:Kerosine ・ fuel oil A・LNG・LPG

Thermal output:

Thermoheaters NH Series

About heat medium boilers

In heat medium boilers, high-temperature heat can be generated at normal pressure
(approximately the pressure that is necessary for circulation).

Heat medium boilers use heat medium oil instead of water. When water is heated to 100°C or higher, it generates pressure. For example, the pressure is approx. 3.92MPa at 250°C and sharply rises to approx. 14.7MPa at 340°C.

For this reason, a plant using water must be a high-pressure facility and needs thorough safety devices and water treatment, while these are not necessary for a heat medium boiler.

Operating cost reduction
The heat medium oil is circulated in a closed cycle and used indirectly, which can prevent the loss (usually 10 to 15%) due to leakage or flash blowdown drains. In addition, this boiler needs only a small electrical energy input for operation, and operating cost can be lowered.

No risk of freezing and no need for water treatment
Since water is not used, there is no risk of freezing and no need for water treatment equipment and continuous injection of boiler compounds, contributing to easy operation, maintenance and management without much labor.

Prevents temperature unevenness and heats uniformly
Because the heat medium boiler uses the heat medium oil in liquid phase, the piping diameter can be small. This can suppress temperature reduction even with long distance piping.
The boiler can further prevent temperature unevenness and heat uniformly.

Enables accurate temperature control
This boiler enables flexible control of the temperature and calorific value, and makes accurate temperature control easier.

Meets various applications with only one unit
This boiler meets various temperature conditions in many different applications with only one unit. Combination of heating and cooling is also enabled.


Rational placement of the heat exchange surface
The heating pipe has an opening diameter that provides a pipe flow rate corresponding to a received heat amount, and properly placed so that local overheating can be prevented.
In addition, the heat surface area is large enough to suppress the boundary film temperature of the heat medium oil at the pipe wall and prevent deterioration.

No high temperature oxidation
Using combination of the accessory expansion tank and oil reservoir, the heat medium oil at a high temperature will never contact with the air during operation, and a system preventing high temperature oxidation can be realized.

High efficiency reduces fuel consumption
The efficiency is 80 to 82% when operated at 300°C, meaning that the fuel cost can largely be reduced.

Equipped with full lineup of safety devices
If an abnormal event occurs, various safety devices automatically operate to protect the boiler and issue a warning.

No need for circulation pump cooling water
The heat medium oil circulation pump is standardly equipped with an air cooling type pump, eliminating the need for cooling water.

Easy to install
The main unit of the boiler and its control panel are assembled on the common base and can easily be installed on site.

Applies thermal engineering
Even with a high-quality heater, appropriate heating cannot be realized unless the relation with devices consuming heat is not properly engineered.
This thermoheater has accumulated high level of technologies for piping directly connected to various heat-consuming devices and for accurate temperature control.