Introducing NTEC

Welcome to our website. We are Nippon Thermoener Co., Ltd. Please call us “NTEC”. Here is a brief introduction of NTEC.

What is NTEC?

NTEC is a Japanese manufacturer of boilers and other heat generation equipment, formed by the merger of two subsidiaries of Takuma and Ebara. For more than half a century, we have been providing boilers and heaters to the world, responding to the ever-changing demands of the times.

Our mission

“Boilers for Society” is our mission and management philosophy. We aim to grow with our customers and contribute to the world by providing heat sources to meet the thermal energy needs of society.

Long track record and wide product line

Long track record and wide product lineWe have supported many customers in various fields such as automobile, electronics, machinery, chemical, food and beverage, and medical industries by providing heat generation equipment. We have solved our customers’ heat-related problems and requirements by providing flexible solutions based on our extensive product line, in addition to our long-standing trusting relationships with our customers based on our proven track record. For example, a steam boiler is one of the most important industrial heat sources, and we have a wide range of high efficiency, high quality steam boilers. However, a steam boiler is not always the best heat generation equipment for our customers. For some customers, it may be more appropriate to build a system that provides thermal energy using 70°C hot water or 230°C thermal oil instead of 170°C steam, and a wide range of heat source systems must be considered, which we can provide.

Delivery experience in many countries and regions

Delivery experience in many countries and regionsWe manufacture our products in our factory in Japan and supply them not only to Japan, but also to Asian countries and other countries in the world. We can send supervisors for product delivery and installation, as well as for test runs and after-sales maintenance.

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