Nippon Thermoener Co., Ltd. (NTEC) was established in 1961 as a manufacturing and sales company of various boilers and water heaters in the Takuma Group. Since then, under the management philosophy of “Boilers for Society,” we have aimed to “contribute to society through corporate activities in the field of private thermal energy.”

We have been dealing with general-purpose boilers such as once-through boilers and water heaters, as well as special boilers such as flue and smoke tube boilers, water-tube boilers and thermal oil boilers, to meet the various needs of our customers in Japan and overseas with a wide range of products and services. In response to the needs of the times and changes in the environment, we have been working to improve the efficiency, resource conservation, and energy saving of our products with the technical capabilities and rich know-how we have cultivated over many years, and to contribute to the creation of a clean global environment by providing high-efficiency once-through boilers, latent heat recovery water heaters, and hybrid system that combine boilers/water heaters and heat pumps.

As the world now faces the challenge of realizing a decarbonized society, we have formulated a long-term vision for the year 2030 (NTEC Vision 2030), and in order to “continue to be an indispensable presence for society as a specialized manufacturer of heat generation equipment,” especially in the field of private thermal energy, we will build on our existing businesses to develop new markets and expand our business in a wide range of fields as a specialized manufacturer of heat generation equipment. Furthermore, we will promote ESG management to solve problems faced by our customers and society by creating new value by getting to know our customers better and providing high value-added and high-quality products and services.

We will continue to strive to achieve sustainable growth in every era and to be recognized as an “exciting company” not only by our customers and business partners, but also by our employees and all other stakeholders.

April, 2024
President and Representative Director

Masahiko Izumi

Photo of Masahiko Izumi


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