Energy Saving Diagnosis


The oil price has risen, but still, our fuel costs are high…

NTEC's Advice

Your boiler may not be operating in optimal condition, so consider the following seven checkpoints to save excess fuel costs.

  • Does your boiler have an economizer to recover heat from the exhaust gas?
    The fastest way to save energy is to increase the boiler efficiency.
  • When did you last check your steam traps?
    Steam leakage from traps is the largest source of heat loss.
  • Are the steam pipes, condensate drain pipes and valves insulated?
    The longer the pipes are installed, the more heat is lost from the pipes.
  • How much is the air-to-fuel ratio of your boiler?
    Even if your boiler is a high efficiency model, it will lose efficiency if the air-to-fuel ratio is not appropriate.
  • Are you using a condensate recovery system?
    Condensate recovery saves energy by raising the feedwater temperature.
  • How high is steam dryness?
    Energy is saved by reducing equipment warm-up time.
  • Is the steam pressure optimal for your heating equipment?
    The steam pressure should be adjusted if it is too much high.


The boiler takes a long time to heat up our equipment…

NTEC's Advice

Steam dryness may not be high enough, so consider the following checkpoints to save excess fuel costs.

[Possible Causes]

  • Low steam pressure and high pressure fluctuations
  • Carryover due to overloading, overconcentration of boiler water, etc.


  • Increase steam pressure.
  • Reduce steam pressure fluctuations.
  • Remove condensate drain (water drop) from steam header.

Verification of CO2 Reduction

We will verify the effect of CO2 reduction for the installed equipment.

Example 1Change to High-Efficiency Boiler


Large capacity boiler (Fuel oil fired)


Once-through boiler
“Super EQOS EQi-2000NM (Natural gas fired)” x 3 units

CO2 Reduction

(Equivalent evaporation of 2,000kg/h x 3 units)

Example 2Change from Hot Water Boiler to Vacuum Type Water Heater


Hot water boiler (Fuel oil fired)


Vacuum type water heater
“Vacotin Heater GSAN-300 (Natural gas fired)”

CO2 Reduction

(Heat output of 349kW)

* The above are just examples.


  • Steam Boiler
  • Vacuum Type Water Heater
  • Thermal Oil Boiler

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