We provide a full range of boiler and equipment services, including maintenance services.

Manufacturing and Sales

We provide high-quality hardware and software in the field of thermal energy.

  • Various boilers and equipment
  • Various energy saving devices (parts sales and installation)
  • Boiler chemicals and various water treatment chemicals


We propose and design the most suitable system, and provide system testing and verification.

We offer the design, construction and supervision of the following:

  • Air conditioning and heating equipment
  • Labor-saving and automatic control equipment
  • Electrical and instrumentation equipment
  • High-temperature and high-pressure equipment, and other construction work


We provide a wide range of services to meet our customers’ needs.
The services include test operation of various boilers and equipment, maintenance services (dispatch of supervisor) and sales of components.
Please note that in the Southeast countries (Thailand, Vietnam, etc.), the maintenance service is provided by Nippon Thermoener(Thailand) Co., Ltd.


  • Steam Boiler
  • Vacuum Type Water Heater
  • Thermal Oil Boiler

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