A certain film processing company

Energy saving of thermal oil boiler

A certain film processing company

High-temperature processing is required for the production of packaging materials that require high hermeticity, such as food products, and high-performance films used for insulation and protection of substrates, etc.
Thermal oil boilers, which heat and circulate thermal oil at 300°C or higher, are used for such production.


Reason for Selection

Consider energy savings by replacing aging equipment

We had been using a thermal oil boiler since the plant was completed, and it had been breaking down more frequently due to age, so we thought we needed to replace the boiler before a sudden shutdown would affect the production line. In planning for a new boiler with higher efficiency than the existing one, we looked at several manufacturers and chose NTEC after considering all the factors, including their past maintenance support. We had asked them for very strict energy saving requirements, but the results exceeded our expectations and we are satisfied that we made a good choice.

Person in charge of plant engineering

NTEC’s Proposal

Thermal oil boiler
Thermo Heater

Thermo Heater

Air preheater to recover heat from exhaust gas for increased boiler efficiency

A thermal oil boiler, which can supply heat at high temperatures that are difficult to supply with steam boilers, is essential for the production of highly functional films. On the other hand, the exhaust gas from a thermal oil boiler tends to be high in temperature, resulting in a large heat loss. In this replacement, we proposed a thermal oil boiler equipped with an air preheater that recovers heat from the exhaust gas. By recovering heat from the exhaust gas and utilizing it for combustion air, the efficiency of the boiler is increased and fuel consumption can be reduced.
They also use our boiler for other production lines, and since they consider the use and importance of the boiler, we propose that they have spare parts for pumps and other important equipment in case of failure, and we also try to provide after-sales service so that they can say “No way! (Already?)” instead of “Not yet?”

Air preheater (in the back of Thermo Heater)
Air preheater (in the back of Thermo Heater)
Thermo Heater NH-100A (with air preheater)
Thermo Heater NH-100A (with air preheater)
System of Thermo Heater NH-100A

What is a thermal oil boiler (Thermo Heater)?

A thermal oil boiler is a boiler that heats circulating thermal oil instead of water. Since the boiling point of thermal oil is much higher than that of water, heat can be supplied at a high temperature of 300℃ at atmospheric pressure. Unlike a steam boiler, a thermal oil boiler doesn’t require water treatment such as water softeners or boiler chemicals. Thermal oil boilers are mainly used in industrial plants that require uniform heating at high temperatures, and for proper heat supply it is very important to control the temperature of the thermal equipment and piping as well as the boiler itself. We have accumulated a wealth of knowledge through our many years of experience, and we can offer boilers suitable for thermal equipment, as well as system design and construction work that can take advantage of them.


Thermo Heater (with air preheater)

Due to the high temperature of the thermal oil, the exhaust gas is discharged at a much higher temperature than in a steam boiler. Heat is recovered from the exhaust gas as combustion air, which improves the boiler efficiency.

Significant reduction in fuel costs by air preheater

Boiler efficiency up by approx. 6% as 6-month average
Fuel costs (LPG) Reducing fuel costs for the entire plant in just six months

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NH-100A (with air preheater)

● Specification
Output : 1,163kW
Max. working temperature: 300℃
Fuel: LPG

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