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Kirin Beer Hokkaido Chitose Factory

Improvement of energy saving and work environment

Kirin Beer Hokkaido Chitose Factory

They produce the Kirin’s flagship brands such as the Ichiban Shibori and the Lager, and are a manufacturing base for the Hokkaido region. The expansive factory is surrounded by greenery and regularly hosts events. They also offer factory tours that allow visitors to see their production facility up close (reservation required). It is a popular spot not only for families, but also for local residents as an “adult social tour”.

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Reason for Selection

Heat generation for essential wheat and rice preparation process
Expectation of energy savings and other benefits

Every year, we have taken energy-saving measures for steam boilers, which are the heat generation equipment for boiling wheat and rice, the raw materials for beer. NTEC proposed the “F-nex” system as one of these energy-saving measures. When we heard from them that this system could recover the hot air in the boiler room and use it as thermal energy, we immediately reached a consensus within our company and decided to adopt it. As a result, the energy savings and improvement of the working environment in the boiler room exceeded our expectations. We were also reassured by their prompt response and are impressed by their speedy and accurate proposals as they actually survey the site.

Person in charge of brewing Person in charge of environmental safety

NTEC’s Proposal

Feedwater preheating


Energy savings and additional improvement by heating feedwater with high-efficiency heat pump

The boiler room was as hot as a sauna. We proposed the “F-nex” system to them, which uses a heat pump to recover the hot air and raise the boiler feed water temperature. As a result, the boiler room temperature has been lowered by effectively recovering the heat and their working environment has been improved.

Heat pump
Heat pump
Steam boiler LTE2000GNM
Steam boiler LTE2000GNM
Before and after of the system


Improved system efficiency through effective hot air recovery reduces fuel costs and CO2 emissions, and lowers the boiler room temperature, improving the working environment.

Fuel costs down by approx. 1,000 thousand yen per year
CO2 emissions down by approx. 30t CO2 per year

Improving the
work environment
in the boiler room

Cool air from the heat pump lowers the temperature in the boiler room and improves the working environment.

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