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Their products are widely distributed in drugstores and pharmacies in Thailand. Their goal is to produce high-quality pharmaceutical products and to promote internationally not only consumer trust, but also the high standards of pharmaceutical products in Thailand.

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Boiler replacement with the high-efficiency
/high-function Super EQOS boiler for energy savings

Our previous 10 t/h and 8 t/h firetube boilers had aged and we decided to install the high-performance and high-efficiency EQi-6001 boilers after internal discussions based on various proposals from NTEC, including energy saving. We are now amazed at the great energy saving effects and the overwhelmingly stable steam pressure.

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NTEC’s Proposal

Super EQOS EQi series

Super EQOS EQi series

High-efficiency/high-function once-through boiler Super EQOS

The Super EQOS EQi-6001 boiler has extremely high energy-saving performance and can control the combustion rate according to the load of their equipment, and they are satisfied with its energy-saving effects and stable steam supply after installation. The EQi-6001 has also been highly evaluated for its combination operation with the existing boilers. We will continue to provide “good products and services” to our overseas customers in the same way as we do in Japan.

The Super EQOS EQi-6001 boiler

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● Specification
Equivalent evaporation: 6,000kg/h
Efficiency: 99%
Max. working pressure: 0.98MPa

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