EQOS Series

Model Equivalent
EQS-101K 100 kg/h Diesel
EQS-201 200 kg/h
EQS-301 300 kg/h
EQS-121 120 kg/h Natural gas
EQS-161 160 kg/h
EQS-251 250 kg/h
EQS-351 350 kg/h
EQS-402 400 kg/h Diesel
Natural gas
EQS-502 /
500 kg/h
EQS-751 /
750 kg/h
EQS-1002 /
1,000 kg/h
EQS-1502 /
1,500 kg/h
EQSH-2002 2,000 kg/h
EQOS Series

100-350 kg/h

Low noise (-7dB compared to conventional model)


The new intake silencer reduces the blower noise, the largest noise source of boilers. The boiler can be operated at night or early in the morning without worry.

EQS-351 Noise data

New high-performance microcomputer “V-Navi”

  • New display contents: Operation status, error history, and maintenance information are added.
  • Hierarchical selection display: Improved operability by displaying items and parameters in a hierarchical manner.
  • Multiple remote controls: Multiple remote controls can be attached to a single boiler.
  • Operation scheduling: Startup/shutdown down can be done by setting the day of the week and time.
  • Boiler water control: Automatic dosing of boiler compound, blowdown instructions, etc.
  • Operation data recording: Operating hours, number of operations, operation history, and error history
  • Communication function: Remote monitoring available

400-500 kg/h

Industry’s highest level of high-efficiency boiler body


Efficiencies of 91% (Model 402) and 90% (Model 502) are achieved. The high-efficiency model with an economizer (Model EQSH) achieves an efficiency of 97%, the highest in the industry.

New high-performance microcomputer “V-Navi”

High-end model equipped with high-performance microcomputer “S-Navi”

Control: The boiler automatically performs and controls the following functions

  • Reduction of combustion frequency
  • Purge standby operation
  • Steam pressure backup
  • Boiler water control
  • Multi-interlock

Management: Self-diagnosis and visualization of operating data

  • Thermal management data
  • Operation control function
  • Guidance function
  • Combustion scheduling function
  • Communication function
S-NaviThermal management dataCombustion scheduling function

750 kg/h

Cartridge-type boiler body significantly reduces replacement costs


The cartridge-type boiler body has two advantages: simple design and reusability. This cartridge design significantly reduces replacement costs and environmental impact.

High-end model equipped with high-performance microcomputer “S-Navi”

1,000-2,000 kg/h

Hybrid heat exchange boiler body “Hi”


Through in-depth analysis of heat exchange in the convection heat transfer section of a boiler body, we have completed a new high-efficiency boiler body (Hybrid heat exchange boiler body “Hi”) by optimizing the combination of three types of fins. The high-speed combustion gas generates intense vortex between the water tube groups, which enhances the heat transfer effect as well as a self-cleaning effect that prevents soot adhesion and growth. This high-efficiency boiler body simultaneously achieves great heat transfer efficiency and durability/stability.

Water pipe with a vertical angle fin
Water pipe with radial fins
Slit swirl

High-end model equipped with high-performance microcomputer “S-Navi”

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  • Steam Boiler
  • Vacuum Type Water Heater
  • Thermal Oil Boiler

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